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Creative Customised Solution for Your Needs

Through technology we are continuously evolving as a premier innovative invisible grills solution provider. We specialize in getting to know our clients and their business in order to customize a products that will meet their specific needs. We dedicate to customize the invisible grills for windows, doors or at balcony for clients occupy at high rise residential and commercial properties where safety is crucial.

Our innovative invisible grills design with providing high quality materials and equipment, we have widely expanded to help our client enriched their Roof Garden or Open Landscape. Our product also extends to function at common commercial area like swimming pool, barricade, separable walls and feature walls.

Entrances such as doors and windows are vulnerable entry points to your property. Ensuring that these are secure through the installation of grilles is crucial, not only to protect against intruders but also to safeguard from accidents.

Traditional grills provide that extra layer of security but are visually unappealing. At INVISI GRILLS we believe that aesthetics should not be compromised at the expense of functionality, and beauty can co-exist with practicality.

INVISI GRILLS has built an unparalleled reputation for invisible grills which offer better visibility without compromising safety concerns. These are available for both your home and business premises.

Invisible Grills - Conventional vs Invisible
Invisible Grills can be Installed in Vertical and Horizontal Positions
Overview from Balcony
Invisible Grille - Openable Casement Window
Invisible Grille at Roof Top Safety Fence
Safety Barricade and Gates
Safety Protection Features at Staircase
Feature Walls for Home Design Ideas
Invisible Grille Designed for Open-Space and Irregular Shape Balcony
Invisible Grille - High Quality Cable at Swimming Pool Area